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How to Light a Cigar is in no Way a Simple Action — It Takes Really Long to Light it up.

Regardless of how a cigarette takes merely a second to light up, this is not going to work in the case of cigars. Some may usually take up the method of lighting up a cigar with a match’s stick but that is another hassle the non-habitual cigar smokers could face.

The match stick may not last forever to light a rounded, fully wrapped in the leaf, and rich with tobacco that may seriously take seconds to turn red. And if you are not a regular smoker, handling the match stick is not easy for them. But whatever is the case, we have to light the cigar up at all costs.

So, what processes do we have to light up a cigar — stick with us to find everything out in good detail. The motive here is to stay, follow, and repeat as we are about to fix this dilemma for you using various lighting methods.

How to Light a Cigar with Safety

There is no need to state what is a cigar. That is an upgraded version of what; cigarette?

Yes, it could be but it contains a larger quantity of high-grade tobacco. But what we sense here is, you already know what a cigar is and need no detailed introduction to it. And that is not the motive of this overall detailed guide.

So, coming back to the topic — Safety is always the primary concern whenever we opt to light anything up, not just a cigar.

But as we are here to deal with lighting up a cigar, we would never want you to bypass the safety protocols. Okay, safety is the one that you have to take up during the lighting process, so we are not going to stress about how to follow the safety protocols at the time of lighting a cigar.

There we have common and countless methods to light up a cigar without a problem. So, expect the few notable ones with us.

1- How to Light a Cigar with Match

light a cigar with match

This is known as the best way to light a cigar.

The matches are available in many parts of the world, conveniently. Even if you are roaming your area, calling for the light and most would hand you a box of matches.

  • Just light the match stick first
  • Take the flame on the edge of the cigar
  • Surround the match like covering your hands together if it is too windy
  • As the flame goes on, now rotate the cigar and do not freeze up trying to light it from one side as a cigar tends to be evenly heated before it lights up
  • Wait for the glowing ring and all the edges turn blackened
  • Once you observe the glowing ring, take it in your mouth and start puffing
  • In case you do not see the red ring, no taste after first puff, take it out, light another match stick and keep the tip right on the flame
  • Blow air on the embers to get rid of them if they are stopping to light up the cigar as the first try may produce the layer of unburned embers making it difficult to catch the glowing ring

A match is a reliable source where we can easily sense the indication of the matchbox running out of sticks.

But it may take a good period to eventually light a cigar; so, how does the matchstick light up a cigar?


2- How to Light a Cigar with a Lighter

Another convenient method to light up a cigar is to use a lighter.

A lighter is by far an easy-to-light-up process because the light can burn for loa ng where the match does not.

Let’s get on with the complete lighting process using a lighter.

But you cannot use any other lighter. What we recommend here is to use a butane lighter and not any lighters containing LPG or any other gasses.

So again, only butane or zippo lighter because they both very much contain no odor and the chemical used would not disturb the taste of the tobacco.

  • Suppose you have either butane or zippo lighter
  • Start the lighter and let it burn for a second or two
  • Take the cigar close to the flame and not right over it
  • Keep it a few inches away from the flame
  • Toast the cigar just like you do with marshmallows and wait for the entire foot to see if it has been properly lit
  • Take the lighter in your mouth and start puffing to see if you feel the smoke, even if you do, you should be rotating the cigar being in your mouth and keep it burning with the flame
  • Once the entire foot has been lit, finally you have the cigar ready to roll!

Important Things to Consider During Lighting up a Cigar

It seems quite easy to light a cigar but if your entire box is exposed the excessive humidity.

Then the experience would be the opposite of how we projected.

But to eventually deal with this unfortunate turn of events, we have a simple solution to offer that draws back the humidity of the cigars.

Store the cigars in a complete dry spot but things may happen, and they do.

How to Fix Over Humidified Cigars

Dry Box — Dry box the entire supply of cigars, and to take things fast forward, place the pieces on Spanish cedar wood that automatically absorbs the extra moisture relatively faster.

Living in a humid environment is pretty okay but lighting an over-humidified cigar is a practice you should never repeat.

The first thing is, an over-humidified cigar would not light up this easily. And even if it does, the worst smell is so ready to welcome you.

So, deal with the humidity, remove it before puffing them.

Leave Them Out — Another hassle-free practice that costs almost no dime by leaving the cigars out overnight soaked.

Place them indoors and away from the humidified spot, recommended is to place them in the room where you generally sit down smoking the cigars.

The natural practice is widely adopted all around the world but you must ensure the surrounding area has lessened the quantity of humidity.

How to Cut a Cigar

After lighting a cigar using different practices, we are sure not all smokers can puff a single cigar in one go.

It takes a hell of a time to smoke the whole of it, and eventually, you would want to put it off after a few minutes.

So, how to cut a cigar is what you need to know and be aware of.

The first step here is to purchase the cigar cutters and scissors, there are many that we would only be able to name out.

  • Straight Cutter
  • Punch Cutter
  • Cigar Scissors
  • V-Cutter

These cutters and scissors may not work for all the cigar types depending on the shape, so you must invest some time understanding which cutter is the good design for the cigar you are puffing.

On to Cutting a Cigar;

  • Always a new cigar that needs to be cut
  • Find the cap end and the rounded shape is what determines it is the cap
  • Give the head some moisture by entering into the mouth and rolling for a second or two as the complete dry cigar may crack during the cut
  • Now, get the cigar a bit downward in the cutter and press it in one go without hesitation

As you have the cap already cut without any issues, there are common tips that you should always take note of.

  • Do not think twice, cut the cigar in one go
  • Do not let it cut from deep
  • And, no biting the cigar head with mouth

However, if you have been looking for dedicated information on how to cut a cigar without a cutter, we would not suggest doing the cutting this way.

But still, if you force, thumbnail seems to be a valid option for cutting the cap end open.

Or some would even opt for the screwdriver’s edge to cut it open.

How to Choose a Cigar

And here we take a steep curve to join the bandwagon — how to choose a cigar.

Ready for another process? You should be!

What are your Personal Preferences?

What do you love to take on? Light or the dark full-bodied cigar or the middle of both that fantasizes you?

Mellow for the light taste. Dark for the strong. And that is it.

Size Matters

And it does but over and fewer sizes of the cigars do not necessarily mean it would affect your taste. Rather it proves how long your smoke would last.

Taste the Smell

Regular cigar smoker? You can judge the smell of it by inhaling the outer odor. You love the smell, take it in!

No Dry

Just do not opt for a complete dry cigar ever. It has to be pressed down a bit inward at the gentle touch.

Uniform in color — from top to bottom

Another quick indicator to judge the quality of a cigar by looking at its color. Spot a difference, the low-quality leaf or the cigar was hit with excessive humidity sometime ago.


So, this concludes the whole of how to light a cigar including the best practices, relevant information which can help you to eventually test the fragrance, taste, and quality all by yourself.

After all, these, enjoy puffing your favorite cigars brand!

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