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 Who We Are?

Not to mention as you can easily judge by the name of our website. We,, are the premium name in the cigars industry.

What One Problem the Cigars Industry has?

The one core problem that the cigars industry is dearly facing is the supply problem.

But not just that — the supply of high-quality cigars is the sub-problem of the core. The abundance of fake cigars has devastated the trust of esteemed customers. And the continuous supply of the worst-quality cigars has decreased its business.

The problem is not the price, the problem is directly proportional to the worst and fake cigars. Almost impossible to detect the fake in them, this is the business’ core responsibility never to jeopardize the customers’ trust at all.

What Initiated us Jumping into the Cigars Business?

This involves the following reasons;

  • Fake supply of the cigars
  • Compromised cigars lacking the quality
  • Less-quality of tobacco

And many more. But there is one more feature that initiated us to jump into this cigars industry — the burst of the online revolution. The recent boom into the online world that triggered eCommerce, the online sale and purchase was the major factor for our initiation.

Our Promise

Our promise is one; supply the real cigars to our esteemed customers. We make it possible to taste the real and true cigars containing proper humidity and aging. The look of the cigars would be the perfect way to detect their freshness. And the timely delivery to your address is another hassle that we take on and the promised timeframe is the only wait-time that you have to bear before smoking the true-quality cigars.

The abundance of Real Cigars of Many Brands

Cuban cigars of many brands, we pledge to only deliver the real cigars to our customers including Punch, San Cristobal, Hoyo De Monterrey, Cohiba, Montecristo, Quai D’orsay, and what more you can name.

Pick the Different Cigars Quantity with Us

We take extreme pride in offering different quantities for the cigars range. With us, you have the option to pick either;

  • Singles
  • 5 cigars
  • Or, a box of 10

We never limit you to picking the high quantity as we believe not everyone is a regular cigar smoker.

Ease of Ordering

Our seamless product integration should never have any complications.

Go to Shop > pick your favorite Brand from the drop-down > click on Selection > select your Quantity and then press to Add to Cart. to proceed to the payment part. Easy to Use Payment Mods We understand the hassle of making the payment, especially when you live on the other edge of the world. With convenient access to the major payment gateways, we have integrated over 3 popular payment methods.

  • Paypal
  • Cash App
  • Bitcoin
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Bank Transfers (for bulk orders only)
  • Other cryptocurrencies (check with us which ones we allow for the payment)

Make sure to contact us with your preferred payment mode if they are not listed there. Pick any of the abovementioned payment methods at the time of placing the order and the details will be sent out to your email address for further action.

Unmatched Price

We retain higher interest to offer a variety of cigars at a much more affordable price. The offered quantity has already the specified price but if you opt to order the cigars in bulk quantity; the price may drop down to match your budget.

Streamlined Customer Support

We never deny the customers may have any sort of problems and issues to speak with the provider. Hence, we take extreme pride to deal with our customers offering high-level assistance to close all of their issues. Our professional team with the background of tasting and smoking the exclusive cigars’ brands to know exactly the depth of the problems customers face.

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